November 5, 2019 Press Releases

McSally Still Hasn’t Ruled Out Illegal Foreign Campaign Help

ICYMI: McSally Still Hasn’t Ruled Out Illegal Foreign Campaign Help

On Friday, McSally twice declined to answer questions about foreign political assistance. Instead of simply saying that she wouldn’t break the law, McSally “balked.”

PHOENIX — On Friday morning, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally repeatedly declined to rule out accepting political help from a foreign government in her election. Then, she “abruptly end[ed] reporters’ questions.”

In the four days since then, McSally still hasn’t said she’ll refuse political help from a foreign government — even though requesting such help is “illegal,” according to Federal Election Commission Chair Ellen Weintraub.

In the wake of this stunning refusal, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wrote that McSally “ran away from reporters,” and is setting herself up to lose “in historic fashion — becoming the first Arizona Republican to hand not one but two Senate seats to Democrats.”

Here’s what Arizonans have been reading and watching:

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