July 30, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Plays Politics On Expiring Jobless Benefits, Pushes Cuts

McSally Plays Politics On Expiring Jobless Benefits, Pushes Cuts

PHOENIX — As jobless benefits expire and Senate Republicans push for cuts to the program, Martha McSally is playing politics and advancing a bill to cut the benefits, instead of working to help Arizonans who lost work due to the pandemic.

While Arizonans broadly support continuing the expanded $600-per-week in jobless benefits, McSally today introduced a bill with Senator Mitt Romney that would immediately cut the enhanced unemployment insurance — and eventually by half its current amount.

On top of that, Republican proposals like McSally’s are also widely viewed as unworkable by state governments and “could take months” to implement, because it “would require states to implement a new way of calculating past wages, and to adjust benefit checks accordingly.”

Rather than support Arizona workers who lost work due to the pandemic, McSally today took to the Senate floor to play politics and slam Democrats. The truth is that her proposed one-week extension of current benefits would be “impossible” to implement in time to help workers, according to experts, because “state agencies already say it will take weeks” to turn the expiring expanded benefit “back on,” as HuffPost has reported.

“Arizonans know that Martha McSally will say anything to get elected, but it’s beyond the pale that Senator McSally is playing political games and pushing cuts to unemployment insurance when critical support for hundreds of thousands of jobless Arizonans is on the line,” said Brad Bainum Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson.