June 17, 2019 Press Releases

McSally-GOP Health Care Agenda Spells Disaster For AZ Families

McSally-GOP Health Care Agenda Spells Disaster For Arizona Families
Republicans’ only “plan” is their ongoing legal fight to fully dismantle federal protections for 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions

PHOENIX — As U.S. Sen. Martha McSally votes to confirm anti-health care judges and doubles down on her record of voting to increase health care costs, President Donald Trump is ensuring that Republicans’ lawsuit to gut coverage protections for 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions remains a top issue heading into the 2020 election.

A new report from the New York Times outlines how Trump and Republicans’ ongoing health care sabotage spells political disaster for McSallyHere are some key points:

  • Voters have far more trust in Democrats when it comes to health care policy. “Democrats enjoy a strong edge with voters on health care, with 40 percent trusting them on the issue, compared with 23 percent who trust Republicans more, according to an April poll by The Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.”

  • Republicans are fighting an ongoing legal battle to dismantle coverage protections for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions. “In particular, Democrats hammered the Trump administration for asking a court in March to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act, which among other things would eliminate protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.”

  • Trump has no health care plan and, like McSally, he has repeatedly championed destructive congressional plans that would harm Arizonans. ‘The president has repeatedly promised something better than the A.C.A. but has never come up with a plan himself, and the congressional plans he endorsed were definitely not better for everyone,’ said Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

  • Trump needs McSally’s vote in the Senate to pass a Republican plan that would increase costs and gut coverage protections. “Mr. Trump often laments the failure by blaming Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, who voted against one repeal effort in the summer of 2017.”

  • Republican sabotage of the health care system has directly increased Americans’ health care costs. “Even as Mr. Trump has delayed producing a plan, he has continued to criticize the existing health care law, repeatedly claiming that it had become unaffordable because of average deductibles exceeding $7,000 or $8,000. This was an exaggeration. […] Also left unsaid was his own administration’s role in causing higher deductibles, as the federal government sets caps on out-of-pocket costs and has increased the limit this year.”
Washington Republicans are playing destructive political games that are driving up Arizonans’ health care costs, while a GOP lawsuit to fully repeal pre-existing condition coverage protections for 2.8 million Arizonans is moving forward in the courts. 

Throughout everything, Martha McSally is standing by her party’s health care sabotage, doubling down on her record of voting to increase costs and gut coverage protections, and proving that she won’t put Arizonans first in Washington.

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