June 21, 2019 Press Releases

McSally GOP Continues Attacks On Arizonans’ Health Care Access

McSally GOP Continues Attacks On Health Care Access

As McSally confirmed more anti-health care judges, her GOP allies pushed to limit doctors’ ability to refer care and restrict health clinics’ access to Title X funding, which helps support family planning and reproductive health services access for 36,402 Arizonans

McSally has previously voted to fully eliminate funding for Title X Family Planning program

PHOENIX — This week, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally and her GOP allies continued their attacks on Arizonans’ health care access. While McSally confirmed more anti-health care judges to lifetime appointments, the Trump administration advanced restrictive plans to:

  1. strip away doctors and nurses’ ability to refer patients to reproductive health care; and
  2. block federal funding for health clinics that provide cancer screenings, family planning support, and reproductive health services.
More anti-health care judges given lifetime appointments

This week, McSally voted to confirm three judges who have expressed a hostility towards reproductive health care access and Roe v. Wade. Most infamously, one of the judges, Matt Kacsmaryk, has — in the words of McSally’s GOP colleague Sen. Susan Collins — “[D]isdainfully criticized the legal foundations of Roe v. Wade.” McSally rewarded Kacsmaryk with a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

Republicans target health clinic Title X funding

Simultaneously, the Trump Administration is — following a legal victory this week — pushing forward with a dangerous so-called “gag rule” that would strip doctors and nurses of their ability to freely refer patients to vital reproductive health care.

The rule would ban Title X funding for health clinics that present and provide Arizonans with a full range of health care options, making “clinics ineligible to receive funds if they provide abortions or referrals for them.”

In practice, the rule could cut as much as $60 million in Title X funding from Planned Parenthood health clinics, endangering the “millions of women who rely on the program for services such as cancer screenings, HIV tests and birth control, and said the organization would immediately appeal.”

In 2017, Arizona Title X funding supported family planning and sexual health services access for 36,402 Arizonans. And by helping to support preventative care access for low-income individuals — including access to cervical cancer screenings — Title X saves the government money. In 2010, Title X-funded Arizona health centers provided services that saved the state and federal government more than $87.9 million, according to the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association.

Despite these clear benefits, McSally nevertheless voted to fully eliminate funding for Title X Family Planning program.

Given Martha McSally’s legislative record and her history of backing anti-health care and anti-choice judges, it’s no surprise that she’s now standing by as her party continues its coordinated attack to impose additional restrictions on Arizona women’s access to health care.