September 5, 2019 Press Releases

McSally Fails To Protect Arizona Military Project She Called “Critical”

McSally Fails To Protect Arizona Military Project She Called “Critical”

Martha McSally claims she “succeeded,” but she failed to protect a $30 million Arizona military construction project she once called “critical” to military readiness

McSally defended Trump’s $
30 million funding raid as “small

PHOENIX — Desperate to spin her clear failure, unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally claims she “succeeded” for Arizona. But the truth is that McSally completely failed to protect a $30 million military construction project at Fort Huachuca — a project that she once called “critical” and essential to Arizona’s military readiness.

For months, McSally insisted that she had “assurances” that Arizona military construction projects like the one at Fort Huachuca wouldn’t be raided by the Trump Administration.

But McSally ultimately took no clear public action to stop the funding raid, and — in fact — voted to support Trump’s ability to siphon away the funding from Arizona’s military construction projects.

Martha McSally says she “succeeded.” And she even tried to spin the $30 million funding cut as comparatively “small.” But that doesn’t square with McSally’s previous emphasis on the project’s “critical” support for Arizona’s military readiness.

The simple truth is that Martha McSally let Arizonans down and failed to stand up for Arizona and our military readiness.