November 20, 2019 Press Releases

McSally Fails Arizona On Prescription Drugs, As Pharma Backers Spend Big To Keep Prices High

McSally Fails Arizona On Prescription Drugs, As Pharma Backers Spend Big To Keep Prices High

PHOENIX — It’s no wonder that Martha McSally has done nothing to take on predatory prescription drug companies that have helped to fund her campaigns: Big pharma is mobilizing en masse to keep drug prices high and protect their corporate profit margins, according to a report from the Center for Responsive Politics.

The report finds that pharmaceutical corporations are spending big to lobby against measures to lower prescription drug costs, including a popular legislative solution that would let Medicare negotiate for lower drug prices:

“The pharmaceutical industry’s largest trade association gave millions of dollars in grants to a number of conservative groups that pushed industry-friendly policies to the Trump administration and congressional lawmakers, new tax returns obtained by OpenSecrets reveal.”

While the pharmaceutical industry spends big to stop pricing reforms, big pharma has also continued to jack up prices this year, with no sign of slowing down.

All of this, while a recent report described McSally as “giving the cold shoulder to a bipartisan bill aimed at lowering drug prices,” and suggested that McSally is afraid of inviting “a backlash from both conservatives and the pharmaceutical industry.”

During McSally’s half-decade in Congress, she has repeatedly sided with her health care industry backers instead of Arizonans, failing to support allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

Given McSally’s record on the issue, it’s no surprise that a big pharma-linked special interest group has already announced nearly $1 million in TV ads on McSally’s behalf. The McSally-backing outside group in question, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has for years opposed Medicare price negotiation, and it’s clear that they’ll spend whatever it takes to keep McSally working for them in Washington.