August 24, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Campaigns As Arizonans Face Rising Unemployment

Martha McSally Puts Political Campaign First As
Unemployment Rises And Food Banks Face Increased Demand

Meanwhile, a new memo full of “spin” and “half-truths” highlights a flailing McSally campaign’s increasing desperation

PHOENIX — Fresh off of urging supporters to “fast a meal” as unemployment rises, Martha McSally spent the weekend continuing to prioritize her 2020 campaign, instead of working to pass a new COVID-19 relief bill.

11 days ago, Senate Republicans left Washington to go campaign without passing additional COVID-19 relief — three weeks after they allowed the expanded benefits to expire, after months of delays and opposition from GOP leaders and inaction from McSally.

Now, more than 10 percent of Arizonans are unemployed, and Arizona food banks are experiencing increased demand and in need of additional help.

But rather than work to pass additional funding to support Arizona workers, schools, health care funding for AHCCCS, and cities and towns, Martha McSally is focused on promoting… her political career.

Today, McSally released a “state of the race” memo that’s full of “spin” and “half-truths,” as Stuart Rothenberg put it. And she’s spent the past week prioritizing campaign events: