August 11, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Campaigning Instead Of Working

McSally Campaigning Instead Of Working On COVID-19 Relief

Yet again, Martha McSally is putting her political career first, at the expense of Arizonans

PHOENIX — Not for the first time, Martha McSally is today skipping out on her day job to prioritize her political campaign. Rather than focus on passing a long-delayed COVID-19 relief package in the Senate, McSally is taking today off to join Vice President Mike Pence for his Arizona campaign visit, reportedly joining Pence for a political stop in Mesa.

In the ongoing COVID-19 relief negotiations, Senate Republicans have pushed major cuts to the enhanced jobless benefits that they allowed to expire late last month — following months of inaction and opposition from Republican leaders, plus silence from McSally, who failed to act until “after it appeared too late.”

Due to the expiration of the $600-per-week benefit, hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who lost work due to the pandemic now receive just $240 in unemployment insurance — “the second lowest benefit in the country.

But rather than focus on and commit to fully extending the $600-per-week benefit, and securing funding for other COVID-19 priorities — such as adequate funding to safely reopen schools — McSally is skipping out of work to boost her “in trouble” political campaign.

“Arizonans deserve to know why Senator McSally is once again skipping work and prioritizing her political career, while Arizonans are struggling to survive this pandemic and economic crisis,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson.

McSally has praised Trump’s executive order that he claimed would address jobless benefits — even though the order slashes the $600-per-week federal boost to just $300, and is a “legally questionable” “big mess” that will take weeks to be implemented, and then soon run out. At the same time, McSally has also stood by Trump’s unilateral push to gut funding for Social Security and Medicare.