January 6, 2020 Press Releases

McSally Asks Outside Groups To “Get Involved,” Defend Her Health Care Record

McSally Asks Outside Groups To “Get Involved” And “Start Muddying Up The Landscape” To Rewrite Her Health Care Record

In newly reported audio, McSally admits that she’s “pray[ing]” for outside groups to defend her toxic record of siding with her corporate health care industry backers over Arizonans

PHOENIX — Still struggling to defend her long record of voting to increase health care costs and gut coverage protectionsMartha McSally is “pray[ing]” for outside corporate special interest groups to “start muddying up the landscape” and run TV ads defending her health care record, according to reporting from the Arizona Mirror.

In audio obtained by the Mirror, McSally complains about scrutiny over her October 2019 vote to protect an expansion of AARP-opposed “junk” insurance plans that let insurance companies charge older Americans more and deny coverage to people with a pre-existing condition.

In the audio, McSally goes on to call on outside groups to run TV ads defending her toxic health care record and “muddying up the landscape.”

“Martha McSally counted on heavy outside spending from corporate special interest groups in Washington to buy her the 2018 election, and she’ll try to do it again in 2020,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson. “The truth is that Arizonans already know that Martha McSally can’t be trusted on health care issues like pre-existing condition coverage, and no amount of outside ads spinning McSally’s votes to increase costs and gut coverage protections can change the truth.”

Key Points from the Arizona Mirror:

  • “Sen. Martha McSally, who’s in one of the most hotly contested Senate races in the country, is encouraging outside groups to run ads defending her position on health care, according to audio obtained by the Arizona Mirror.”
  • “McSally said at the GOP gathering, ‘We don’t have the resources to fight. If I went up on TV right now, my campaign coffers would be empty. If we’re going to fight back with a TV ad, it’s going to cost us millions of dollars.'”
  • “McSally suggested last month that outside groups should pitch in to help. ‘We need close air support to show up. There’s outside groups. We can’t talk to them. We can’t invite them, but we pray for them every day. We need conservative outside groups, you know, to wake up, and get involved, and start muddying up the landscape a little bit…'”
  • “Federal campaign finance law prohibits coordination between outside groups and political campaigns, but those rules are often stretched and they’re difficult to enforce. McSally’s remarks could potentially run afoul of those rules, according to Paul S. Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation at the government watchdog group Common Cause.”

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