April 15, 2019 Press Releases

Martha McSally’s History of FEC Violations

PHOENIX — With federal candidates required to report their first quarter’s fundraising numbers today, here’s a recap of Martha McSally’s Fedederal Election Commission (FECviolations.

McSally was most recently cited by the FEC in January for taking $270,000 in excessive contributions.

McSally was also called out by Arizona newspapers for her history of FEC violations dating back to her first run in Congress.

Her other violations include:
  • In 2017, McSally faced FEC complaint for polling a U.S. Senate run without filing as a candidate.
  • In 2016, McSally campaign completed an internal review of their campaign finance issues and filed numerous amended reports to resolve the “nagging problems with accuracy and completeness.”
  • The FEC audited McSally’s 2014 congressional campaign in 2018 and found McSally accepted $319,000 in excessive contributions.
  • From 2012- 2015, McSally’s congressional campaigns received 14 letters from the FEC pointing out errors and omissions.

“Whether it’s lying to voters about her voting record or violating FEC requirements, Martha McSally has always thought the rules don’t apply to her,” said Les Braswell, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party. “Campaign finance reform was a key issue for Senator John McCain, and Martha McSally’s refusal to follow the rules are a slap in the face to his legacy.”

McSally was handpicked by Mitch McConnell to fill John McCain’s U.S. Senate seat after being rejected by a majority of Arizona voters in November.