July 30, 2020 Press Releases

Latest Trump DACA Move Exposes McSally’s Empty Rhetoric

The Trump Administration’s Latest Move To End DACA
Exposes Martha McSally’s Empty Rhetoric

PHOENIX — Martha McSally is yet again putting party politics ahead of standing up for Arizona Dreamers, as the Trump administration once again moves to end the program.

This week, the Trump Department of Homeland Security took steps to “slam the door” on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protections — blocking “all new and pending initial applications,” while doubling the cost for existing DACA recipients.

And Martha McSally has said nothing — exposing the emptiness of her rhetoric following the Supreme Court’s June ruling upholding the DACA program.

At the time, McSally called upon the White House and Congress to do “what is right” — even though she previouslyabandoned the Dreamers and any hopes of a bipartisan solution” to advance her political career.

Responding to McSally’s June statement, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts asked,

“The question is, what does [‘do what is right’] even mean anymore to the woman who was willing to abandon ‘America’s Children’ — and any hope of a bipartisan solution — for a cheap shot at a Senate seat?”

Now, we know: “Do what is right” doesn’t mean anything coming from Martha McSally. Because Senator McSally will say anything to get elected, but she’ll never do what’s right and stand up for Arizonans.