November 16, 2021 Press Releases

Is Kari Lake Still Honored to Have Received Flynn’s Endorsement?

Disgraced Kari Lake Endorser, Michael Flynn, Reportedly Plotted Coup

PHOENIX – According to a new report, high profile Kari Lake endorser Michael Flynn abused his connections as the former National Security Advisor to push the Department of Defense to seize ballots in attempts to unlawfully overthrow the 2020 election. Flynn was quoted pressuring his former employee and top DOD official to participate in an “epic showdown over the election results” and calling the employee a “quitter” when he would not break the law with Flynn.

Despite Republican election officials aptly calling election conspiracies baseless, Trump-endorsed Lake has repeatedly pushed blatant election lies, including in an interview with Steve Bannon, who was recently arrested for refusing to answer for his involvement in the January 6th attacks. As the AZGOP’s election conspiracy theory purity test has pushed every GOP gubernatorial hopeful to the fringes, Lake has been handpicked by 2020 election loser Donald Trump to focus on one thing: Trump and his extremist followers.

With new reporting detailing Michael Flynn attempting to push the Department of Defense to seize American ballots, Lake needs to answer: Is she still “honored” to receive Michael Flynn’s endorsement?

“Kari Lake is pushing baseless election conspiracy theories while running with an endorsement from the disgraced former National Security Advisor who was actively trying to overturn a free and fair election,” said Alex Alvarez, spokesperson for the ADP.  “Lake’s lockstep loyalty to Donald Trump and his extremist allies who tried to interfere with our elections is dangerous and disqualifying — and wholly out of touch with the people of this state. Kari Lake is more interested in making the rounds in Trumpworld for political gain than she is helping Arizonans recover from the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to wreak havoc on our state because of current GOP Governor Ducey’s incompetence.”