October 26, 2020 Press Releases

In 2 Weeks: ACA At Supreme Court

In 2 Weeks: Republicans Will Ask The Supreme Court To Eliminate Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Protections

PHOENIX — 15 days out from Republicans’ Supreme Court oral arguments to eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections, Martha McSally is still standing by her party’s lawsuit that seeks to let insurance companies charge higher premiums for older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions.

Trump last week restated his hope that the Court strikes down the health care law. And McSally and Senate Republicans are later today set to force through a lifetime appointment to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, whose record suggests that she will be another vote on the Court to eliminate the law and its coverage protections.

McSally voted to pave the way for Republicans’ lawsuit, and she’s stood by her party’s legal effort for months:

  • McSally voted to pave the way for the lawsuit with her support of the 2017 corporate tax giveaway, and she’s refused to vocally oppose it for more than a year — instead offering her “tacit support,” as the Washington Post put it.

  • McSally further demonstrated her support for striking down the Affordable Care Act earlier this month, releasing a new TV ad in which she lies about her voting record and then falsely slams the health care law for reducing coverage in Arizona, even though it demonstrably expanded coverage for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.

  • And, as Republicans have prioritized filling the Supreme Court vacancy over passing coronavirus relief, McSally has said she plans to vote to confirm Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who previously said the Supreme Court should have struck down the law and its coverage protections.