August 6, 2020 Press Releases

ICYMI: Trump and Ducey’s Meeting Dubbed a “Celebration Before the Actual Victory” 

Wednesday, August 6, 2020
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ICYMI: Trump and Ducey’s Meeting Dubbed a “Celebration Before the Actual Victory” 

As Maricopa County Medical Examiner Says AZ Nearing Morgue Capacity, Trump and Ducey Held Taxpayer-Funded Photo Op

PHOENIX — According to CBS5, Doug Ducey and Donald Trump’s taxpayer-funded photo op at the White House yesterday “looked a little like a celebration before the actual victory,” given that the Arizonans are still feeling the devastating consequences of their failed pandemic response.

CBS5 reported that it was “all smiles at the White House,” despite the Maricopa County Medical Examiner reaching a “grim milestone” this week surpassing 85% capacity in its morgues. The medical examiner’s office is reportedly so overwhelmed with bodies that they began moving them to “portable coolers housed in a garage they call the temporary morgue.”

In response to the meeting, the Arizona Democratic Party said, “We still have yet to hear of any serious COVID response from either Trump or Ducey that will help Arizonans recover from the catastrophic failures of this administration.”

Arizona has seen over 182,000 positive coronavirus cases and over 3,900 deaths — including nearly 1,700 new cases yesterday. Trump doubled down last night saying the coronavirus will “go away like things go away,” despite the U.S. averaging one death every 80 seconds.

Worse yet, Arizonans are still experiencing significant delays in getting test results, which has hindered the state’s contact tracing efforts and made it harder to control the spread of the virus.