November 17, 2021 Press Releases

ICYMI: Transportation Secretary Buttigieg To Visit Arizona And Tout Biden’s Infrastructure Law

PHOENIX — Tomorrow, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will come to Arizona to celebrate President Biden’s new Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and spotlight the impactful nature of the historic legislation. To highlight the impressive infrastructure package, Sec. Buttigieg will visit both Sky Harbor Airport and the future location of the light rail expansion — both of which could see major improvements thanks to the over $6 billion our state will see in funding.

At a press event to tout the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law earlier today, ADP Chair Raquel Terán said the following: 

“Just nine months into his term, Joe Biden has delivered. Democrats have delivered. And now we’re about to make one of the largest investments in our infrastructure in American history. Thanks to President Biden, this deal is going to make our air safe, our water drinkable, and improve our access to the internet — all while creating jobs and boosting our local economies.

“This is exactly what our government is supposed to do — they’re supposed to work for you. Which is exactly why, from now until Election Day next year, we — the Arizona Democratic Party — will remind voters that it was Arizona Democrats who passed this incredible infrastructure plan.”