December 2, 2021 Press Releases

ICYMI: Terán: Arizona Republicans tried to block $150M in tax cuts from families in their districts

PHOENIX — Last week, ADP Chair Raquel Terán penned an op-ed in the Daily Independent calling out all four Arizona House Republicans — Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, David Schweikert, and Debbie Lesko — for voting to block $150 million in tax cuts from the Arizona families they represent.

The middle-class tax cuts under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan are helping families cover the cost of raising kids by delivering direct monthly payments of $444 (on average) to pay for anything from groceries and school uniforms to child care expenses.

See below for key excerpts from her piece:

Daily Independent: Terán: Arizona Republicans tried to block $150M in tax cuts from families in their districts

  • “On the 15th of each month, I get countless phone calls and text messages from friends and family members in my community who are overflowing with gratitude for President Biden and the Democrats in Congress that made these tax cuts possible.”
  • “Even after policy experts and advocates affirmed how transformational extending the Child Tax Credits would be for their constituents, Arizona’s own Paul Gosar (Dist. 4), Andy Biggs (Dist. 5), David Schweikert (Dist. 6), and Debbie Lesko (Dist. 8) voted against a plan that benefited the families of 585,000 children in their own districts.”
  • “New data shows that in August alone, the extended Child Tax Credit put $150 million into the pockets of families in those four Republicans’ districts, putting another $190 million into their local economies.”
  • “Thankfully, President Biden and Democrats in Congress passed these middle-class tax cuts without Republicans — even after these very same GOP lawmakers voted in favor of Donald Trump’s tax scam in 2017.”
  • “If passing good policy is good politics, then voting against one of the most consequential anti-child poverty measures in history is definitely bad politics — and that is going to haunt Arizona’s Republican candidates at the ballot box next November.”
  • “Meanwhile, Democrats in Arizona and across the country will continue to build back better so that our children, our families, and our communities are taken care of — with or more likely without the help of our Republican colleagues.”