June 15, 2022 Press Releases

ICYMI: Karrin Taylor Robson Called Out For Waffling On Election Integrity in Desperate Attempt to Woo MAGA Base

Phoenix- In the chaotic and crowded GOP gubernatorial primary, Karrin Taylor Robson is struggling to differentiate herself and is now trying to out-crazy Kari Lake on a central pillar of her campaign – the completely unfounded claims of election fraud in 2020. It’s a losing strategy for a disingenuous  candidate who will say anything in an attempt to up her polling numbers.

On Monday, Arizona Republic columnist EJ Montini called out Taylor Robson for her “waffling” about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. When asked about the legitimacy of the 2020 election results, Taylor Robson took out her dog whistle and blew, saying “I will continue to say that I don’t believe the election was fair.” Montini compared it to a low moment in the late Senator John McCain’s 2010 primary campaign against J.D. Hayworth, when McCain appeared in an ad saying, “complete the danged fence.” It was a cringe worthy moment for the Senator as he tried to court the far-right base, a tactic Taylor Robson is trying to mimic.  

“This tactic of trying to best Kari Lake at her own game is a losing one for Karrin Taylor Robson,” said Josselyn Berry, spokesperson for the Arizona Democratic Party.  “GOP primary voters who truly think the election was stolen are already in for Lake, and will no doubt smell the desperation and disingenuousness from Taylor Robson from a mile away.” 


Read the full piece here or see below for key excerpts:

  • In an interview with Dennis Welch, Robson was asked if she thought the 2020 election had been honestly decided, something proven again and again by audits and court decisions….Concerning the 2020 election she told Welch, “Well, I will go back to what I have always said, and I will continue to say that I don’t believe the election was fair.” How exactly the election wasn’t “fair” she doesn’t say. Because she can’t.


  • She also knows, however, that many (if not most) of the Republicans voting in the primary believe that there was fraud and she doesn’t want to offend them. In fact, she wants them to believe that she’s one of them. In a weak-kneed kind of way that will … not … work. Sadly for Robson, saying the election wasn’t “fair” as opposed to saying it was stolen is not nearly extreme enough for the extremists backing Lake. It won’t win Robson any votes.