June 25, 2021 Press Releases

ICYMI: From Local Schools to Sky Harbor, Biden’s American Rescue Plan Continues to Build Back Arizona

PHOENIX –– While Governor Ducey continues to ram through a state budget that shortchanges public education and undermines the will of 1,675,810 voters so that he can deliver massive tax cuts for his uber-rich friends, President Biden’s American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for struggling Arizonans and communities across the state.

With a nationwide economic recovery well underway, Arizonans are reading about how the Biden-Harris administration is building back better in their communities with localized investments in families, schools, transportation, and public health initiatives. 

See below for local coverage: 

Arizona Daily Star: Rep. Kirkpatrick: Congress is delivering for AZ families

As a mother of two and a grandmother to three young boys, the American Rescue Plan showed me that President Biden truly cares about the health of our families, and together we can get monumental legislation passed and signed into law. More money in pockets means greater financial stability and greater success for our kids.

Working families are the bedrock of our U.S. economy, and it’s vitally important that the federal government recognizes that. I hope families throughout Arizona take full advantage of our monumental Child Tax Credit because it can and will help.

NBC Phoenix: Phoenix Sky Harbor to receive $158 million in federal economic relief funds

Arizona airports are set to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funds to assist in economic recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

U.S. Rep. Greg Stanton announced Tuesday Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will receive $158 million from the American Rescue Plan and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport was awarded $8.8 million. In total, airports throughout the state will get more than $196.7 million in emergency funds.

Daily Independent: New relief money is on its way to Peoria

Peoria has received a portion of its relief funds from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, and now the city will begin allocation to those most in need.

ABC Phoenix: 1 in 4 new Arizona customers able to get health plans for under $10/month

Under the American Rescue Plan passed by Congress earlier this year, the enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act marketplace has been extended through August 15, 2021. Along with that extension are several stipulations that provide more financial support to help people get the coverage they need.

“Health coverage in the marketplace is more affordable today than it has ever been before. And that includes low-, moderate-, and higher-income people,” said Allen Gjersvig with the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers.

He says under the American Rescue Plan no one will pay more than 8.5 percent of their income for health insurance. In the past, people were paying 15-20%.

ABC Phoenix: Free, weekly COVID testing could be coming to K-12 schools across Arizona

The Arizona Department of Health and Human Services is reaching out to K-12 school districts across the state, working to raise awareness about a free, federally funded COVID testing program that could prevent the spread of COVID-19 once the new school year begins.


State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman says, “This regular testing will reassure families, especially those with immuno-compromised family members, as students begin to find some normalcy returning to their schools.”


The program is funded by federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan.

Arizona Republic: Maricopa County will boost public health spending in upcoming annual budget

In addition to funds from the county budget, Maricopa County received from the American Rescue Plan Act a new influx of federal money to address pandemic recovery.

Of the $435 million in federal funds directly allocated to Maricopa County, $136 million will go towards the ongoing public health response to COVID-19.

Arizona Republic: Arizona has over $1B in federal COVID-19 relief money. How will it be spent?

More than $1 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds has flowed into Arizona’s health department, and state officials are working to spend it over the next two to three years to make sure the state is better prepared for future health crises.

The money is intended to pay for ongoing needs in the current pandemic, such as improving vaccine rates and paying for COVID-19 testing in K-12 schools.

Christ [of the Arizona Department of Health Service] said the funds represent the largest infusion of federal money for public health that the department has received over the course of a year in recent history.

Arizona Republic: CDC eviction moratorium extended until July 31, offering a reprieve for Arizona renters