September 9, 2021 Media

ICYMI: Biden’s Economic Plan is Overwhelmingly Popular

The vast majority of Americans want to build back better, and they want to do it now

PHOENIX –– Since President Joe Biden took office, the families of 1.3 million Arizona children have received a major middle-class tax cut, the Arizona unemployment rate has fallen to a new pandemic-era low, and the U.S. economy has added over 4 million jobs — including 100,000 right here in Arizona.

Thanks to Biden and Democrats, America is building back better — and that’s why the majority of Americans not only support President Biden’s economic agenda, but they say passing this economic legislation is urgent.

Navigator Research: Seven in ten support Biden and Democrats’ Economic Plans

  • “A majority of independents (63%) and a plurality of Republicans (47%) support the legislation.”

  • “Among those persuadable Americans who support new economic legislation but disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, nearly four in five (78%) say passing this legislation is urgent.”

This optimism and urgency for further action stem from the public’s overall support of President Biden’s leadership and job performance when it comes to beating the COVID-19 virus, rebuilding America’s infrastructure, and driving our economic recovery. 

ABC News: Strong public support for COVID-19 response, infrastructure plan, and economic agenda.

  • “A strong majority (64%) approve of how Biden is responding to the coronavirus pandemic, which is virtually identical to the findings in July’s ABC News/Ipsos poll. Biden also enjoys high approval (62%) for his handling of rebuilding U.S. infrastructure.”
  • A majority (55%) of the American public also approves of his handling of the economic recovery; 53% approved in July’s poll.”