July 8, 2021 Press Releases

ICYMI: Arizona Republicans Leave GOP in Record Numbers As Election Misinformation, Ineffective Leadership Drive Voter Exodus

PHOENIX –– Six months’ worth of ineffective leadership, election misinformation, and extremist politics have further damaged the Arizona GOP’s appeal and inspired over ten thousand Arizona voters to ditch their Republican party affiliation.

This mass exodus of Republican voters comes in the wake of the drawn-out, deeply unpopular sham of an ‘audit’, Gov. Doug Ducey’s brazen disregard for public health measures, and congressional Republicans cozying up to white supremacists and insurrectionists. Clearly, a good number of Arizona Republicans have reached their breaking point, cutting ties with the Arizona GOP. 

The electoral implications of this exodus are expected to cause trouble for GOP Senate candidates in what is already a chaotic and expensive primary. As their base dwindles and the candidates vie to win the approval of President Trump, one can’t help but wonder how many more GOP voters will flee by the time November 2022 rolls around.

See below for key excerpts from the piece: 

Arizona Family: Arizonans are switching political parties, new numbers show

  • “Individual Republicans may be damaging their party’s appeal on the statewide level. Take, for example, Rep. Paul Gosar. Gosar’s district is a Republican stronghold. While he may have a firm grasp on his office, his defense of Jan. 6 rioters and his links to white supremacists could turn Independents away from Republican candidates running for statewide office next year.”
  • “Republican support for the Senate’s election audit and unfounded claims the election was stolen may also make the party less attractive to Independents.”