September 15, 2020 Press Releases

ICYMI: Ahead of Trump Visit, Arizona Latino Leaders Hold Trump Accountable for His Broken Promises to Latino Families

ICYMI: Ahead of Trump Visit, Arizona Latino Leaders Hold Trump Accountable for His Broken Promises to Latino Families

PHOENIX – As Donald Trump visited Arizona yesterday, Arizona Latino leaders held the Trump administration accountable for its broken promises to Latino families. See for yourself:

Before Trump touched down, Congressman Ruben Gallego, State Senator Rebecca Rios, and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero slammed his failed record with the Latino community: 

ABC15: Still, Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) sees a different result, calling Trump “the worst President when it comes to Latinos in the history of Arizona.” “We have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 due to this President’s handling,” he said. “Small businesses, small Latino businesses, have been shuttered because the President did not handle the coronavirus correctly.”

Fox10: Democratic Arizona Senator, Rebecca Rios representing District 27, says the President’s response to the pandemic has negatively impacted the Latino community’s health and finances. “Next week, Latino families and other families in Arizona that are on unemployment are going to see no additional help from Trump and the federal government. How are families going to survive on a maximum of 240 dollars?” she asked. … “This is far and wide the most critical election for Latino’s that Arizona has ever seen.”

AZ Republic: [Romero] sees Trump’s visit and attempts to engage Latino voters as hypocritical. She described actions she said have hurt Latinos, such as Trump’s efforts to build a more robust border wall, attempts to end protections for Dreamers, pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a criminal contempt conviction and a failed response to COVID-19. “The effects of his words should carry strong with Latinos, especially here in Arizona. I think it is maximum hypocrisy of Trump doing outreach to Latinos here in Arizona,” Romero said.

Community leader Carmen Heredia penned an op-ed in Prensa Arizona calling out Trump’s broken promises to Latino families: 

Prensa: Madre de familia inmigrante y líder en la comunidad en Arizona envía fuerte carta a Trump “Cada vez que se acerca una elección presidencial, mi familia y yo nos reunimos alrededor de la mesa para cenar y nos cuestionamos: ‘¿Estamos mejor que hace cuatro años?’ […] Con las elecciones de noviembre a solo unas semanas de distancia, está claro que la respuesta a todas esas preguntas es un rotundo “no”. Y hay una persona a quien culpar: el presidente Trump.”

And as Trump arrived in Phoenix, Arizona Democrats held a press call with State Senator Rebecca Rios (District 27), Former Majority and Minority Leader of the Arizona State Senate Alfredo Gutierrez, and Representative Lorenzo Sierra (District 19) to highlight the challenges the Latino community is facing as a result of Trump’s failed presidency and historic mismanagement of the pandemic.

Arizona Republicans for Biden member Yasser Fernando Sanchez Called Out Trump’s Visit For What It Was: A Meaningless Photo Op. 

Univision: “‘[A]hora que ve que no puede ganar esta contienda, sin el voto hispano entonces qué hace, nos busca y nos pide el voto diciendo que esta con nosotros y que desde el inicio lucha por nuestro país. Desde ahorita les digo, vamos para adelante y votamos por Biden’, afirmó Yasser Fernando Sánchez, miembro de Republicanos por Biden.”

State Senator Rebecca Rios Highlights How Trump “Has Abandoned Latino Families.”

KAWC: “Ahead of a Latinos For Trump gathering Monday in Phoenix, Arizona Latino leaders met on a Zoom call to say President Donald Trump has failed Latino families in his words and actions. State Sen. Rebecca Rios said Trump’s visit shows he is ‘desperate’ […] ‘Look, the bottom line that many of us know is that Trump has abandoned Latino families. Joe and Kamala know the Latino community and we know them. Trump has turned his back on Latinos every step of the way.’”

Cronkite News: “Ahead of Trump’s appearance, Arizona Democrats denounced the president’s policies, pointing to an ineffective COVID-19 pandemic response that has disproportionately affected Hispanics and other people of color […] Trump’s appeals to Latino voters are ‘an act of desperation,’ said state Sen. Rebecca Rios, whose district includes the majority-Hispanic town of Guadalupe. The town was hit hard by COVID-19, with rates higher than surrounding Maricopa County. ‘Trump is completely out of touch with the realities that Latino working families are facing,’ Rios said.”

Reuters: “Ahead of Trump’s visit to Phoenix, Latino Democratic officials in Arizona said the administration’s halting response to the pandemic had devastated Latino families in the states. ‘So many Latinos in my community are essential workers who are on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus, but Trump’s failed response has treated our essential workers like they’re disposable, and it’s a disgrace,’ state Senator Rebecca Rios said in a call with reporters.”

NBC Newschannel 11 Evening Report on KYMA: “Some Latino state leaders saying Trump is out of touch with their community today, saying his divisive rhetoric has negatively affected Latinos’ health, finances, and livelihood. Pointing specifically the president’s response to COVID, saying that Latinos have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. ‘So many Latinos in my community are essential workers who are on the frontlines of the fight against coronavirus,’ State Senator Rebecca Rios said. ‘But Donald Trump’s failed response has treated our essential workers like they’re disposable. It’s a disgrace.’”

Blog for Arizona: “At an event hosted by the Arizona Democratic Party, District 27 State Senator Rebecca Rios, District 19 State Representative Lorenzo Sierra, and former Democratic Senate Leader Alfredo Gutierrez all condemned Donald Trump for his failed leadership on the economy and COVID 19 and praised the Biden/Harris Ticket. Senator Rios slammed Trump for not treating essential workers well and for the suffering of Native American and Latinos Communities in her Legislative District (LD) because of his failed pandemic and economic responses.  She called the situation ‘a crisis of Trump’s own making and he needs to be held accountable.’”

State Rep. Lorenzo Sierra Criticized Trump For Bringing “Snake Oil” To Arizona

AZ Republic: “Arizona state Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, D-Avondale, said Trump was bringing his ‘snake oil’ to Arizona. ‘He has made our community expendable,’ Sierra said. ‘President Trump, we see through your lies, we see through your incompetence and we’re not going to take that, we’re going to work very, very hard to make sure that you are the one-term, worst president ever in the United States and Joe Biden is the president to do that. Joe Biden understands the Latino community.’”

KAWC: “’[Trump] is bringing his snake oil,’ said state Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, who is a member of the Latinos for Biden coalition of Arizona elected officials. ‘President Trump, we see through your lies and your incompetence. We’re going to make you the worst one-term president ever.’”

12News: “Democrats holding their own news conference ahead of Mr. Trump’s visit, slamming the president for his rhetoric toward immigrants and his handling of COVID-19.”