July 14, 2021 Press Releases

Help is Here: Long-Awaited Advanced Child Tax Cut Payments Hit Arizona Mailboxes and Bank Accounts Tomorrow Thanks to Biden, Congressional Democrats

Even House Republicans can’t help but tout the program, despite voting against it

PHOENIX –– Thanks to President Joe Biden and his Democratic colleagues in Congress, 66 million American children are set to benefit from an expanded child tax credit that will hit bank accounts and mailboxes starting tomorrow. All told: the tax cuts will cut child poverty in half nationwide and deliver direct relief to the families of 1.5 million Arizona children. 

For this year’s child tax credit, the American Rescue Plan

  • Increased payments to $3,600 per child under the age of six
  • Increased payments to $3,000 per child over the age of six
  • Raised the age limit to 17
  • Advanced tax relief, delivering aid now for struggling families

In case you need a refresher: Back in March, every single GOP member of Congress tried to block this major tax relief that is going to help millions of working families with children. Arizona’s very own Rep. Debbie Lesko—who voted against the initiative that is set to lift 112,000 Arizona children out of poverty—touted the child tax credit last week.
Today, ADP Chair Raquel Terán released the following statement:

“This expansion of the Child Tax Credit—the largest in American history—is exactly what happens when we have bold, compassionate leadership in Washington. Thanks to President Biden and congressional Democrats, countless families struggling to make ends meet will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that help is here and there’s extra money in pockets to cover anything from child care to groceries.

“Cutting child poverty in half should not be a partisan issue, and yet Republicans continue to push back against our efforts to deliver aid to families. Make no mistake: We—Democrats—are the party of working families, and we will never stop fighting to ensure that your family is taken care of.”