September 9, 2019 Blog

A Cure to a Sick Health Care System

The Arizona Democratic Party, our elected officials, and our candidates will work to fix our broken healthcare system by providing more options and competition to lower costs. Despite promising reforms that have been made to expand health care access during the Obama Administration, far too many Arizonans do not have the necessary health coverage to take care of themselves and their families. Countless others are paying substantially more out of pocket for doctor visits, deductibles, and prescriptions. The toll this will take on our population and our economy will have ramifications for decades.


Un-elected Republican Senator Martha McSally and Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich, support a lawsuit designed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Should that suit succeed, 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions would lose their access to vital health care. That means if you or a loved one were born with an auto-immune disease, you would be considered to have a pre-existing condition and would not have coverage. How can we allow something so inhumane?
Our party knows we must ensure that every Arizonan has health insurance and that those with pre-existing conditions are covered with insurance they can afford. Arizona Democrats support a coherent health care option that would compete with private insurers. We believe in taking on the pharmaceutical industry to lower the cost of prescription drug costs.
Americans are capable of anything, all we need is leadership with the will to act. This is why Democrats must win in 2020.