August 16, 2019 Press Releases

“Hard To Pin Down,” McSally “Noncommittal” On Background Checks

“Hard To Pin Down,” Martha McSally “Noncommittal” On Background Checks

McSally is doing her best to avoid taking any action to combat gun violence

PHOENIX — Midway through her August recess, unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is doing her best to avoid taking any action to combat gun violence.

McSally has been “hard to pin down” and “noncommittal” in her “shifting rhetoric” on what concrete gun safety measures she would support in Congress — all while insisting that she’s “been very consistent” on gun laws.

There has been some consistency in McSally’s longtime opposition to universal background checks.

Back in 2012, McSally slammed closing the gun show and private sale loopholes as “absolutely unconstitutional.” And true to that rhetoric, McSally yesterday would not commit to supporting H.R. 8, a bill to expand background checks that passed the House of Representatives earlier this year with bipartisan support.

Instead, McSally ducked questions about the measure, saying, “I’m not going to talk about hypothetical legislation that I have not seen.”

What is certain is that McSally has a lot to lose if she angers her special interest backers. McSally has received $372,615 from the gun industry and lobby during her political career. And during the 2018 alone, McSally benefited from at least $210,408 in independent expenditures by the National Rifle Association.

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