January 10, 2021 Press Releases

Gosar And Biggs Implicated In D.C Gathering That Led To Insurrection – This Is What happens With Non-competitive Congressional Districts

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Sunday, January 10, 2021
Contact: Matt Grodsky, mgrodsky@azdem.org

Gosar And Biggs Implicated In D.C Gathering That Led To Insurrection – This Is What happens With Non-competitive Congressional Districts

PHOENIX – Damning new evidence suggests that Arizona Republican Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar played a pivotal role in instigating the mob attack on the Capitol.  Ali Alexander, an extremist who leads the Stop the Steal election protests across the country, identified Gosar and Biggs as significant partners in planning last Wednesday’s pro-Trump event in D.C. to stop the certification of the Electoral College. In a social-media video in anticipation of the event, Alexander credits Gosar and Biggs for helping to create a “scheme” to put pressure on Congress during the joint session to certify the Electoral College vote.

The Arizona Republic reports both Biggs and Gosar have regularly provided support for Alexander and the Stop the Steal movement. In a video of a December 19, 2020 Stop the Steal rally in Phoenix, Alexander riled up the crowd, calling for a revolution, asking if they were willing to “fight for Trump” and threatening to shut down the government to put Trump back in office. Alexander referred to Gosar as  “the spirit animal of the movement” and “my Captain”. Alexander called Biggs a “hero” of the movement when introducing Biggs’s pre-recorded message to the rally crowd where he pledged to keep fighting and standing up for Trump. Alexander led the crowd in the chant “Biggs, Biggs, Biggs”.

Gosar cannot deny his association with Alexander as he regularly used his Twitter account to promote Alexander and his efforts to undermine the 2020 election. Gosar has led the charge challenging Arizona’s electoral votes certification. Accordingly, Gosar was the headliner at the December 19 rally. He fired up the crowd by urging them to return Trump to the presidency because amazing things “are going to happen in four more years”. He called the courts that ruled against Trump “pathetic” and challenged the crowd to show the country what they are made of – stating “live free or die.”

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini issued the following statement: 

“Members of the United States Congress take an oath to uphold the Constitution. The recorded statements and actions of these Arizona Congressmen tragically show their part in undermining the Constitution’s prescribed election process and peaceful transfer of power.

If further investigation confirms they played any role beyond encouraging a peaceful gathering and helped organize an attempted coup, they should immediately resign, be subject to the ramifications of the 14th amendment, and face the necessary criminal consequences.

This travesty reaffirms the need for competitive congressional districts that will hold our elected officials in check and not spawn the extremism exhibited by Congressmen Gosar and Biggs. Both politicians have been criticized for their ideological views fueling the divisiveness in Congress, but yet without consequence, they continue to win their re-elections by large margins.

At the December 19 Stop the Steal rally,  when Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli introduced Gosar, he described Gosar’s district as ‘gerrymandering’ across the state. It is widely recognized that Gosar has abandoned the voters in CD 4, except those who adhere to his extreme, destructive beliefs. This year, Arizonans have the power to stop gerrymandering through our Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC). As citizens and voters, we have a duty to hold the IRC accountable to ensure new congressional districts are drawn to give all voters a voice in electing balanced leaders who understand they represent all the people.

Gerrymandered districts from the last decade have elevated the most extreme voices in the Republican Party. The results have yielded potentially treasonous officials that have proven time and again that they are more interested in advancing their radical agenda than solving the real problems facing all Arizonans. Today, the IRC’s intended purpose to create fair and competitive districts is in jeopardy – thanks to Governor Ducey’s backroom manipulations to control the IRC. As the process unfolds in the coming weeks, we must be ever vigilant and alert to ensure the members of the IRC are not tainted by ideology and the seduction of political power.  Arizona’s future and, as we see today, our Country’s democracy is at stake.”

From The Arizona Republic – Robert Anglen and Ronald J. Hansen

  • The man who leads the “Stop the Steal” election protests nationally singles out Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona for helping make Wednesday’s pro-Trump gathering in Washington happen.

  • The social-media video, which is gaining newfound attention, was taped before the event turned into a riot at the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead, including a police officer.

  • Both men have figured prominently in the GOP’s rejection of President Donald Trump’s election loss, but they have done so in different ways.

  • In the video, Ali Alexander is seen speaking into the camera describing how the gathering in Washington was coming together. “I was the person who came up with the Jan. 6 idea with Congressman Gosar, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) and then Congressman Andy Biggs,” Alexander said. “We four schemed up of putting max pressure on Congress while they were voting so that who we couldn’t lobby, we could change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body hearing our loud roar from outside.” 

  • While Biggs maintains he wasn’t involved with Alexander or organizing for the Jan. 6 event, another video from a Dec. 19 “Stop the Steal” rally at the Arizona Capitol shows he played a small role.

  • After playing Biggs’ statement [at the rally], Alexander told the crowd what to expect on Jan. 6. “I want you guys to know, we are all marching to D.C. on January the 6th, and we are going to plop our asses on the U.S. Capitol with or without a permit,” he said to cheers. “And those members of Congress will hear from us after they exit that chamber January 6th.”