June 30, 2020 Press Releases

George W. Bush Hosts High-Dollar McSally Fundraiser

George W. Bush Hosts High-Dollar McSally Fundraiser, Highlighting Their Shared History Supporting Efforts To Privatize Social Security

PHOENIX — Later today, President George W. Bush is set to host a high-dollar virtual fundraiser — $25,000 to attend the “VIP virtual roundtable” — benefiting Martha McSally’s lagging U.S. Senate campaign — a pairing that highlights McSally and Bush’s mutual history of pushing for Social Security privatization.

In 2005, then-President Bush pushed a plan to promote “private accounts” for Social Security — a move projected to threaten Social Security’s solvency and “leave retirees vulnerable to the whims of the stock market.”

McSally echoed that Bush plan to shift toward private Social Security accounts when running for office in 2012, floating “allowing younger workers to invest in lieu of paying into Social Security.”

“It’s fitting that Martha McSally and Senate Republicans are still holding big donor fundraisers with George W. Bush, as they continue to float reckless plans to gut retirement security programs,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson. “Senator McSally will always put her big donors and party leaders first in Washington — whether voting to let insurance companies increase prices on Arizonans with pre-existing conditions, or slashing taxes for big donors and corporations, while working families get left behind.”

Social Security private accounts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Martha McSally’s positions that would hurt Arizona seniors: