October 15, 2020 Press Releases

Feds Again Call Out McSally For Illegal Contributions

Feds Again Call Out Martha McSally For Illegal Campaign Contributions

Just like last year, Martha McSally is again facing Federal Election Commission scrutiny for apparently accepting excessive campaign contributions

PHOENIX — It’s a story as old as time: Martha McSally is once again under federal scrutiny for potential campaign finance law violations.

As reported by KNXV-TV, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) last week sent two letters to McSally’s Senate campaign, flagging more than $346,000 in receipts as including “Apparent Excessive, Prohibited, and Impermissible Contributions” that the FEC says are either misattributed or in excess of legal limits.

If that sounds familiar, here’s why:

“Arizonans are already voting and have a right to know if Martha McSally is once again funding her campaign with illegal contributions — as these FEC letters suggest,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson.