October 23, 2020 Press Releases

FACT CHECK: Unable To Defend His Record on COVID and Health Care, Trump Peddles More Lies During Final Debate

Friday, October 23, 2020

CONTACT: Tyler Cherry, tcherry@azdem.org

FACT CHECK: Unable To Defend His Record on COVID and Health Care, Trump Peddles More Lies During Final Debate

Trump Lies About Pre-Existing Conditions Protections, Continues to Downplay Pandemic 

PHOENIX — During last night’s final presidential debate, Donald Trump offered more lies and broken promises on the issues that matter most to Arizona voters. From continuing to downplay the pandemic to lying about protecting people with pre-existing conditions, Trump ran away from his disastrous record and failed to speak to the concerns of working families.

In fact, Trump doubled down on his attacks on the Affordable Care Act, openly admitting during the debate, “Obamacare is no good … I’d like to terminate Obamacare.” Recent polling shows that upholding protections for pre-existing conditions is the top concern for 44% of Arizona voters, especially as the number of Arizonans without health insurance continues to rise.

“Last night was Trump’s last shot to present a plan to contain the virus and protect health care to  Arizona voters — and he failed to do that,” said Tyler Cherry, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson. “On the debate stage, Trump claimed that Americans were ‘learning to live with the virus,’ when in reality, Arizona communities still haven’t recovered from the terrible toll the pandemic has already taken and are living in fear as they face another wave of spiking cases across the state. Trump even admitted that he wants to ‘terminate’ the Affordable Care Act and take away protections from 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions without a replacement plan in place. It’s clear that Trump has no concrete plans on the issues that matter most to Arizona families, and the only way we will recover from Trump’s chaos is to send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House in just 11 days.”

Here are the facts to Trump’s most erroneous claims: 

TRUMP LIES ABOUT COVID-19: “There was a very big spike in Arizona, it’s now gone. … [The coronavirus] will go away and as I say, we’re rounding the turn, we’re rounding the corner, it’s going away. … I say we’re learning to live with it. We have no choice.”

  • REALITYAZ Republic: “In fact, the disease is now spreading at its fastest rate here since June, just before the state became a COVID-19 epicenter this summer. In Arizona, daily case counts, hospitalizations, percent positivity, ventilators in use and the rate at which the virus spreads have all increased in recent weeks. Nearly 6,000 Arizonans have died from COVID-19 so far. About 235,000 Arizonans have tested positive.”

TRUMP LIES ABOUT HEALTH CARE: “We’ll always protect people with pre existing [conditions] … [I’ll] come up with a brand new beautiful health care [plan] … We have done an incredible job with health care. And we’re going to do even better.”

  • REALITY: Trump is trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act — endangering hundreds of thousands of Arizonans’ health coverage and protections for 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions right when they need it most. Despite his many claims to the contrary, Trump has no replacement plan.

  • REALITY: If Trump’s lawsuit succeeds, complications from COVID-19 — including heart damage, lung scarring, and other respiratory effects — could become the next deniable pre-existing condition for more than 235,000 Arizonans who have contracted the virus.

TRUMP LIES ABOUT SEPARATING FAMILIES AT THE BORDER: “We’re trying very hard [to reunite 545 children who were separated from their parents at the border] … They are so well taken care of. They’re in facilities that were so clean.”

  • REALITY: After Trump’s administration separated nearly 5,500 families at the border, the parents of 545 children can’t be located. At the debate, Trump “would not detail how he planned to reunite hundreds of kids” separated under his zero-tolerance policy, which has been criticized as “criminal” and his “most atrocious legacy.”

  • REALITY: For four years, Trump has terrorized immigrant communities and damaged the United States’ global standing by separating children from their families and locking them in cages.