October 23, 2019 Blog

A Lesson on Arizona’s Education Future

Education is vital to our state’s future success. That is why Arizona Democrats are committed to advancing education across our state.


Early Childhood Education:


Arizona Democrats believe in expanding access to quality early childhood education for everyone.

Participation in preschool programs results in improved reading, writing, and math skills during elementary school, high school college and beyond. Expanded preschool and all-day kindergarten reduce the high cost of childcare for working parents.

The educational and economic benefits of expanded preschool and all-day kindergarten have the greatest impact on parents and children with the most severe educational and financial need, but benefit all of Arizona’s parents and children.

Arizona Democrats know that our state can simply not afford to remain among the states with the lowest rates of preschool enrollment.

Arizona children are our future and they deserve a K-12 education system that treats teachers like valued professionals by paying them a decent wage and giving them the resources they need to succeed.

Teacher Pay and School Funding:

Teachers across our state have risen up and called for change. Arizona Democrats were proud and remain proud to stand with them.

Access and Affordability:


One of the most significant issues facing our state is transportation for rural schools. Many students in rural communities commute over an hour to their school, which puts thousands of miles onto buses and the cost of gas is higher than in urban communities.

We must also ensure that all students have access to advanced placement classes. Whether our kids go on to college to get a trade certificate, or directly to a job that pays a living wage, their education should prepare them to succeed in our evolving economy.

Arizona has three world-class universities and a strong community college system. More students should have access to affordable post-secondary education without the burden of crushing debt.


Finally, inclusive school policies begin with recognizing that all students deserve to feel safe and welcome at school regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Protecting the right of LGBTQ students to learn in an environment that says no to bullying and discrimination, welcomes family diversity, and promotes inclusivity – must be a priority for Arizona.

The Arizona Democratic Party is the party of education, together we can ensure that the future of our state remains bright by investing in our schools, teachers, and students.