September 21, 2018 Press Releases

Ducey Uses Charter School Reform as 11th-Hour Political Gimmick

PHOENIX — Doug Ducey is using charter school reform as an 11th hour political gimmick in his tight reelection campaign against educator David Garcia.

Arizona’s public schools are currently ranked 48th nationally and Doug Ducey has done little during his term as governor to change that outcome.

Democratic legislators have called for years to open up the state’s charter school laws, but have found little support from the Governor’s Office.

According to the Arizona Republic, “the governor, in a tight re-election battle with Democrat David Garcia, has only recently warmed to reforming charter schools. Last month, Ducey said he wasn’t concerned about the pay of Primavera online charter-school CEO Damian Creamer, who paid himself $8.8 million while his school had a 49 percent dropout rate.”

In fact, the Governor has contributed to the current problem that he now claims he wants to fix.

“Doug Ducey’s education record is a school system that’s ranked at the bottom nationally and his decision to ignore the teacher pay crisis until the #RedforEd walkout,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Les Braswell. “Voters want a Governor who will build an education system that encourages Arizona’s best to stay here, and they won’t be fooled by these last minute gimmicks.”