September 16, 2020 Press Releases

Ducey Followed Trump’s Lead on COVID-19, Now Arizona’s Working Families are Suffering the Consequences

Ducey Followed Trump’s Lead on COVID-19, Now Arizona’s Working Families are Suffering the Consequences

PHOENIX — Today, Doug Ducey and Ivanka Trump will hold a roundtable in Phoenix, where they’ll try to spin this administration’s failed attempts at helping working families across Arizona. Earlier this week, Ducey erroneously claimed that “our economy has been booming” and that Trump’s tax law “has done much to spur our economy.”

Gov. Ducey says economy is booming as jobless Arizonans try to survive on unemployment benefits.

The truth? Arizona’s economy has only been booming for a select few at the expense of working families across the state, and Trump’s tax scam only benefited the wealthy and well-connected. Here are the facts on how working families have been crushed under Ducey and Trump’s failed leadership:

Trump and Ducey’s Failed Pandemic Response Made the Economic Fallout in Arizona Worse Than It Had To Be — And Working Families Are Paying the Price for Trump’s Failures 

  • In July, the unemployment rate in Arizona increased to 10.6% — higher than the state’s unemployment rate in May or June, and higher than the national average. Since March, more than half of Arizona families have lost employment income.

  • More than 1.1 million Arizonans have collected unemployment benefits during the pandemic. And now, after Trump and Ducey failed to help working families with long-term relief, extra unemployment benefits are ending, leaving working families with little to get by.

    • An estimated 430,000 Arizonans will have to get by on just $240 a week.

  • Low-income Arizonans saw employment rates drop by 25% at the end of June compared to January 2020; By contrast, high-income Arizonans saw employment drop just 2% in that time period

  • Latino, Black, and Native American families have been disproportionately affected by the economic fallout of Trump’s failed pandemic response.

Trump’s Tax Scam Has Left Behind Communities of Color and Low-Income Families While Enriching The Ultra-Wealthy

  • Trump’s tax cuts went to big corporations, leaving Arizona’s 550,000 small businesses behind.

  • Communities of color were disproportionately left out of the benefits from Trump’s tax law. The average tax cut for Latino households was less than half that of the average white household, and the average tax cut for African American households was less than a third of the average white household.

  • According to a non-partisan analysis, Arizona millionaires received an average tax cut of $200,200 in 2018, equal to 8.3 percent of their income, while those making less than $45,000 received an average tax cut of just $170, equal to 0.7 percent of their income.

  • Trump’s tariffs increased the cost of doing business for many small businesses. For example, Arizona’s breweries faced a 10% aluminum tariff on cans, and a 25% steel tax on brewing tanks & kegs.

In response, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Tyler Cherry released the following statement: 

“We know that Donald Trump downplayed the pandemic for months, and now Doug Ducey and Ivanka are going to downplay the consequences to Arizona’s economy. Even before the pandemic hit, Donald Trump and Doug Ducey’s economic policies were picking the pockets of working families to enrich the wealthy and well-connected. Now, as a result of their historic mismanagement of the pandemic, working families across the state are worrying how they’re going to put food on the table or pay their bills. As small businesses try to keep their doors open and parents worry about providing for their families, it’s clear Arizonans are paying the price for Donald Trump and Doug Ducey’s failures. Families across Arizona are hurting and deserve leaders who will fight for them, not their own self-interest.”