November 25, 2021 Press Releases

Ducey Acknowledges Upcoming Holiday COVID-19 Surge and True to Form, Plans to Do Nothing About It

So far, our incompetent governor’s negligence has cost more than 22,000 Arizona lives

PHOENIX — Yesterday, when pushed by local reporters on Arizona’s climbing COVID-19 case counts and hospitals experiencing a “crush of unvaccinated COVID patients,” Doug Ducey finally admitted that the pandemic is still raging in Arizona as families brace themselves for yet another wave under his watch.

Here’s the situation: 

  • All of Arizona’s COVID-19 metrics — cases, deaths, hospital bed usage, and ventilator usage — are back to pre-vaccination levels.
  • Ducey’s own COVID-19 adviser joined hospital leaders to beg the public to help “preserve hospital capacity during the holiday season.”
  • Hospitals are already bracing themselves, closing operating rooms, and reassigning nurses to care for inpatient COVID-19 cases.


True to form, Doug Ducey plans to do nothing:

  • Simply unwilling to endorse popular, evidence-based mitigation measures — including vaccination, social distancing, and masking — Doug Ducey, in all seriousness, advised his struggling state to “go to a physician versus Facebook” when it comes to “next steps.”


For Ducey, failure is nothing new when it comes to the virus: 

“Doug Ducey — the most unpopular GOP governor in the nation — has absolutely botched Arizona’s COVID-19 response. Our failure of a governor would rather posture to far-right conspiracy theorists while tens of thousands of his own people die than quell vaccine hesitancy and end the pandemic once and for all,” said ADP spokesperson Hannah Goss. “His repeated incompetency coupled with his blatant disregard for the health and wellbeing of this state is deadly, reckless, and, quite frankly, makes him unfit to hold any public office in Arizona.”