October 11, 2018 Press Releases

Doug Ducey’s Corrections Department Denies Women Prisoner Access to Toilet Paper

PHOENIX — Doug Ducey’s  Corrections Department has denied women prisoners at the Perryville facility access to toilet paper, according to a report by KJZZ.

Prisoners at the facility, their families, and state legislators have been trying to draw attention to the problem, and the situation has gotten dire.
“‘I ran out on Saturday 9/30, and although I continually asked for [toilet paper] was told they were out,'” one woman wrote. “‘They did have pads that I used as [toilet paper] until Monday 10/1 when they ran out. I then had to use a wash rag until Wed morn (sic).'”

Instead of providing a solution to the problem, Doug Ducey’s Corrections Department is claiming there is no problem at all.

Earlier this year, Doug Ducey and his administration were slow to act on allegations of child abuse at detention centers — waiting two months to launch an investigation after the issue came to light.