December 4, 2018 Press Releases

Doug Ducey Refuses to Condemn Fake Fear Mongering of Voter Fraud

PHOENIX — Doug Ducey yesterday refused to condemn Republican Party officials, both in Washington, D.C. and Arizona, for inciting fear of voter fraud in the days following the November 6 election.

Republicans, from Donald Trump and the National Republican Senatorial Committee to Arizona GOP Chair Jonathan Lines, spent days making baseless charges of voter fraud in Arizona.

Doug Ducey said then the allegations weren’t true, but when given the opportunity to call out the wrongdoers, he refused.

According to the Arizona Capitol Times, “Ducey, as the top elected Republican in the state – and someone who got help from the state GOP – repeatedly dodged questions about the efforts by the party chairman to question the conduct of the vote.”

“Making false claims of voter fraud is dangerous and directly undermines the integrity of our democracy,” said Les Braswell, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party. “Doug Ducey’s refusal to call out his fellow Republicans for inciting fear proves that he’s less interested in protecting Arizona’s elections than in advancing his own party’s agenda.”