December 17, 2019 Press Releases

Did Martha McSally Give Up On Fort Huachuca?

Did Martha McSally Give Up On Restoring Her Raided $30 Million To Fort Huachuca?

For the second time in recent days, McSally failed to replace the $30 million she voted to let Trump raid from Fort Huachuca 

PHOENIX — Despite Martha McSally‘s earlier promise that funding would be “be seamlessly provided,” Congress’ new spending deal does not contain replacement funding for Arizona’s Fort Huachuca. It’s the second time in two weeks that McSally has failed on her previous promise to secure replacement funding for the $30 million that she three times voted to let Trump raid away from the Fort.

But the matter is not out of McSally’s hands, entirely: According to a release from Senate Appropriations Committee Democrats, “[Trump] has the ability to return a significant portion of the funds appropriated back to the projects they originally supported.”

If McSally truly wanted to stand up for Arizona and Fort Huachuca, she would call on Trump to restore the funding to Fort Huachuca. But instead, McSally is making excuses, and standing by her past votes in support of the raid.

McSally’s defense of her record comes even after the Department of the Army has said that the $30 million Fort Huachuca project is necessary to address “unsafe” conditions for service members and to “promote a healthier, safer work environment.”

Meanwhile, two McSally campaign donors are getting a $660 million payday in the form of government border wall construction contracts that are funded by money McSally voted to raid from Fort Huachuca and elsewhere.