June 25, 2020 Press Releases

Despite Pandemic, McSally Stands By Advancing Health Care Lawsuit

Martha McSally Still Standing By GOP Lawsuit To End Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Protections, As Trump Administration Files Brief Recommitting To Suit

The GOP lawsuit would let insurance companies increase prices on people with pre-existing conditions — of which there are 2.8 million in Arizona

The lawsuit would strip 23 million Americans of their insurance coverage, according to a new report

PHOENIX — Despite the growing pandemic, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is still standing by Republicans’ health care lawsuit, as the Trump administration is today expected to recommit to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and national Republicans’ effort to end coverage protections and let insurance companies hike prices for older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions.

Despite opposition from a number of groups — including the AARP and the American Cancer Society — the Trump administration is expected to reaffirm its support for striking down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety — a result that would be disastrous for Arizonans.

Republicans’ end-goal would dismantle key coverage protections, including provisions that prevent insurance companies from charging older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions more for coverage.

McSally has stood by the lawsuit, saying it isn’t her “role” to oppose the effort, even though 2.8 million Arizonans have a pre-existing condition — and McSally’s vote for the GOP tax law’s individual mandate repeal gave Republicans their justification for the lawsuit.

Overall, the lawsuit would strip coverage from 23 million Americans, including 363,000 Arizonans, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress.

“Despite the pandemic, Republicans are moving ahead with their lawsuit to let insurance companies increase premiums on people with pre-existing conditions,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson. “It’s disqualifying that Martha McSally is once again siding with her party and corporate backers instead of fighting for Arizonans, and it’s disgraceful that Mark Brnovich is leading on the effort to eliminate pre-existing condition coverage protections.”