October 19, 2020 Press Releases

Complaint: McSally Robocalls “A Blatant Abuse Of Taxpayer Dollars”

Complaint: Martha McSally’s Taxpayer-Funded
Robocalls “A Blatant Abuse Of Taxpayer Dollars”

A complaint filed last week with the Senate Ethics Committee alleges that McSally’s office improperly sent out taxpayer-funded robocalls a week into early voting

PHOENIX — Following last week’s reporting that Senator Martha McSally used taxpayer funds to pay for robocalls promoting her failed COVID relief efforts, a government ethics watchdog group last week filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee, alleging that McSally engaged “in a blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars to promote her re-election campaign.”

Last week, McSally’s Senate office told The Daily Beast and Phoenix New Times that the robocalls were allowed in accordance with a waiver issued by the Senate rules committee.

But the complaint argues that McSally’s robocall message “violates” the terms of the waiver because it fails to “relay ‘updated information’ on the pandemic” and improperly violates the wavier’s ban on “seek[ing] constituent input or inquiries.”