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African American Caucus

The Arizona African American Caucus (AAC) seeks to encourage political participation and education within the African American community and encourage African Americans to seek public office at all levels. We also fight for equality for African Americans by advocating for issues such as educational, economic, criminal, healthcare and immigration justice and ensuring voting rights and protection for all.  

The goals of the AAC in order of importance are to:

  1. Increase the number of Precinct Committee Persons (PC)
  2. Increase the number of registered African Americans
  3. “Get out the vote efforts” (“GOTV”)

Contact Information

Lead: Connie Delarge (520) 241-8408 cdelarge0222@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Paul Taylor (520) 603-7502 carpauaz@gmail.com

Secretary: Gayle Randolph (602) 390-4953 gaylerandolph10@gmail.com

Policies for Caucuses and Councils

Asian American and Pacific Islanders Caucus

The Arizona Democratic Party Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus

Purpose: The AAPI Caucus is devoted to advancing equal rights for all people, regardless of
race, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. The AAPI Caucus will participate in the policy
decisions and the outreach programs of the ADP to maximize support of the Democratic Party
and its endorsed candidates. The AAPI Caucus will recruit and support AAPI candidates for
elected office. The AAPI Caucus will recruit and support AAPI candidates for ADP leadership
positions at the state and local levels. The AAPI Caucus will recruit and support AAPI candidates
for the delegation to the Democratic National Convention and Committees.

Lead: Sylvia M. Lee, Ph.D, sylvialee58@gmail.com
Central Arizona Vice Chair: Janee Pousson,, J.D., poussonj@gmail.com
Southern Arizona Vice Chair: Naomi O. Story, Ph.D., naomi.story1@gmail.com
Northern Arizona Vice Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Suzanne Hug, Suzanne.az.mail@gmail.com
Treasurer: Lori Tochihara, ltochihara@yahoo.com
Social Media Communication: Ceci Lou Alter, cloualter@gmail.com

Contact Information

Arizona Dem. Party Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus, P.O. Box 64664 Tucson, AZ


Disabilities Caucus

Greetings and welcome to the Disabilities Caucus for the Arizona Democratic Party. The Arizona Disabilities Caucus provides input into State Party policy and operations, and serves as a resource for candidates who wish to demonstrate full inclusion of persons with disabilities within their staff, their events, and message points. It also is a networking vehicle and sounding board within the Arizona disabilities community.


We look forward to helping the Arizona State Democratic Party be all that it can and should be – a fully inclusive political party for the fastest- growing state in the nation. Please use the following resources and contact the Caucus for your disability event or policy needs.

Contact Information

Lead: Celeste Pettijohn
Phone: (602)942-7363
Email: liberalvoice@cox.net

Environmental Caucus

Contact Information

Lead: Rebecca Hinton: rahinton@hotmail.com


Federation of Democratic Women Caucus

Contact Information

Lead: Carol Comito ccbpw@aol.com

1st Vice Chair: Toni Denis

2nd Vice Chair: Naketa Ross

Treasurer and Publicity/Social Media Cathy Hozian chozian@cox.net

Latinx Caucus

The mission of the Arizona Democratic Party Latinx Caucus is to organize and build capacity to represent the Latinx community in ADP and to empower Latinx families, individuals, and communities; our goal is to become a strong voice in the Democratic Party. We can become this resource with your help and membership in the Latinx Caucus.

We invite and encourage you to attend the Latinx Caucus meetings at Arizona Democratic Party State Committee meeting held throughout the state. We will share exciting news with you including Resolutions we have proposed for consideration, activities and membership.

The Latinx Caucus is working towards being an organized force in and for our Latinx communities. Join us to share our progress on our goals and objectives.

Contact Information

Lead: Xenia Orona

Vice Chair: Patty Contreras

Treasurer: Gregory Jarrin

Secretary: Tom Prezelski

Check out the Latino Caucus Webpage at https://www.azlatinocaucus.org

Twitter: @ADPLatinoCaucus

LGBT Caucus

The LGBT Caucus is a branch of the Arizona Democratic Party that works to ensure that all Arizonans are treated equally and fairly. The Caucus focuses on issues that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, but in doing so, also fights for the equal rights of all. By electing members of the LGBT community and endorsing legislation that helps to prevent discrimination against members of this community, the LGBT Caucus helps make the state of Arizona more fair and equal, and therefore a better place in which to live in.


Related Links

Contact Information

Facebook: @azlgbtqdems

Lead: Blaise Caudill; BlaiseCaudill2@gmail.com
1st Vice-Chair: Brion Neeley-Ryder; bneeleyaz@gmail.com
2nd Vice-Chair: Jordan Harb
Treasurer: Claudia Clark
Secretary: Kim Whitley


Native American Caucus

Contact Information

April Ignacio, Lea

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, Vice Chairperson

Joanne Romero, Treasurer

Roxanne Thomas, Secretary

Email: NativeAZDems@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NativeAZDems/

Progressive Caucus (in process)

Contact Information

Lead: Jenese Porter: jenisep@gmail.com

Rural Council

Contact Information

Lead: Sue Breen (602) 525-3686 Suebreen53@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADPRuralCaucus/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ADPRuralCaucus

Veterans’ Caucus (former)

Contact Information

Lead: Patrick J. Carr, patrickjcarr@gmail.com, 928-606-8383


Secretary: Jana Lynn Granillo, jana.lynn.granillo@gmail.com, 480-432-3752.

Treasurer: Virgel Cain, virgelazdemocrat@aol.com, 602-541-6454.

Sgt. At Arms: David Greg Gordon, dgg11347@gmail.com


Young Democrats of Arizona

Contact Information

Young Democrats of Arizona
Lead: Calli Jones
Pronouns: She/Her
(c) 623 206 9462

Seniors Council

Contact Information

Chair: Dr. Janie Hydrick, Roman Ullman
Contact: hydrick@aol.com

Let’s move Arizona forward.