September 9, 2020 Press Releases

Bombshell Records Reveal “Uncle Jerry’s” Disturbing Past At MCSO


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Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Contact: Matt Grodsky,

Bombshell Records Reveal “Uncle Jerry’s” Disturbing Past At MCSO

As the candidate’s debate taping for Maricopa County Sheriff gets underway, troubling news has surfaced regarding Jerry Sheridan’s time as Joe Arpaio’s Chief Deputy.

PHOENIX – Newly released records now shed light on Jerry Sheridan and Christopher Butts’s relationship during Sheridan’s tenure as Chief Deputy at MCSO. Last week, Arizonans learned that Sheridan’s family member, Christopher Butts, worked under him at MCSO for years and was terminated in 2014 after he lied on his time-card, a potentially criminal offense. Butts has since been charged with multiple counts of luring a minor for sexual exploitation, once in March 2020 and most recently last Wednesday.

Speaking with ABC15 last Thursday, Sheridan claimed “I kept my distance from him [Butts] knowing he was married to my niece,”

Contrary to Sheridan’s claim of keeping his distance, the newly revealed documents show that Sheridan spent time with Butts who referred to Sheridan as “Uncle Jerry” and revealed Sheridan’s use of racist language towards African Americans.

According to an MCSO supervisor’s notes from December 7th, 2009:
“[…] Butts was discussing to others in squad room at the end of shift how his Uncle Jerry’s father went outside and shot the American flag after Obama was elected. Butts said Uncle Jerry was there when this occurred. Butts went on to say how the N-word was commonly used when referring to Obama by all members of […] his family, including “Uncle Jerry” and other family members…”

Last week, Sheridan drew national ire for agreeing to speak at an event that raised money for the Kenosha shooter. Sheridan was also found in contempt of court by a Federal Judge in the infamous Arpaio racial profiling case.

Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party released the following statement:

“These records are damning. Paired with Sheridan being found in contempt of court and agreeing to speak at an event that raised money for a murderer, Sheridan has made the case for us — he is unfit to serve as Sheriff. Sheridan should drop out of the race immediately and the Arizona Police Association should retract their endorsement. For decades, Arizona lived with the embarrassment of the Arpaio-Sheridan administration. After three and a half years of reforms, MCSO is still working to repair the damage caused by these corrupt individuals. With every new report, it becomes increasingly clear that Jerry Sheridan isn’t just Arpaio on steroids, he’s the embodiment of everything that ails law enforcement today.”