December 2, 2021 Press Releases

Biden’s Broadband Investment to Benefit Students Across Arizona

PHOENIX — No thanks to every single Arizona Republican who voted against Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, our state is set to receive a minimum of $100 million to expand broadband coverage to every corner of Arizona. These funds are a particular game-changer for Arizona’s most worthy investment: our students.

When schools turned to online learning, many students — disproportionately low-income students and students of color — found themselves disconnected. 

  • CBS Phoenix: A study showed that 335,000 students — nearly a third of all students in Arizona — did not have internet access.
  • ABC Phoenix: Of those students, 56 percent of those caught in the digital divide were Black, Latinx, or Native American.
  • Arizona Republic: Students at tribal-serving schools reported driving for miles to find a connection as only half of residents on Tribal lands have home internet.  

Thanks to Joe Biden and Democrats, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will close the digital divide, make internet access more affordable, keep Tribal and rural students connected, and boost education outcomes across the state.

  • NPR: With $65 billion set aside for improving broadband, the package will create access and improve speed, with a focus on helping students in rural and Tribal communities.
  • Arizona Daily Sun: The legislation will be a game-changer for Northern Arizona, connecting students in rural communities and small towns like never before.
  • ABC Phoenix: The package will drive down internet costs for the 24% of Arizonans who are eligible for the ‘Affordability Connectivity Benefit.’