September 8, 2021 Press Releases

Biden Economic Boom to Build with Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

PHOENIX –– Thanks to the leadership of President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats, America is on the move again — and is projected to reach the highest levels of growth in nearly four decades.

Where We’re At: The American Rescue Plan continues to build back better in communities across the state as: 

  • Middle-class tax cuts for working families slash child poverty rates, reduce food insecurity, and drive economic growth.
  • Health care costs fall, with many Arizona families finding plans with monthly premiums as low $10.
  • The U.S. economy added nearly 750,000 jobs each month over the last three months and the unemployment rate continues to drop, reaching 5.2% in August — the lowest it has been in eighteen months.

Where We’re Going: The bipartisan infrastructure deal will build on this progress by: 

  • Creating more than 880,000 more jobs by 2030, while increasing per-capita income, consumer spending, and the national GDP.
  • Protecting critical labor standards on construction projects as workers rebuild roads and bridges, improve drinking water infrastructure, upgrade broadband connectivity, and transform our transportation infrastructure.
  • Buying American to ensure all taxpayer-funded projects are built with American iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials

In totality, President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, bipartisan infrastructure deal, and rest of the Build Back Better agenda will provide relief for working families, deliver one of the biggest middle class tax cuts ever, and generate sustainable economic growth over the long term — all while creating upwards of two million jobs per year over the next decade. 


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