September 7, 2021 Media, Press Releases

#AZSen Summer Wrap-Up: C-List GOP Primary Is Expensive, Chaotic, And Out of Touch

PHOENIX — With Labor Day Weekend behind us, Summer is officially coming to a close. And even with the GOP Senate Primary still a year way, Jim Lamon, Mick McGuire, Mark Brnovich, and Blake Masters have turned this c-list, clown car primary into a chaotic, expensive, combative mess. Each candidate has been working to outdo the others in putting their political goals above serving Arizonans.

If you haven’t been keeping a close eye, here’s how the GOP primary candidates spent their summer:

Each candidate has gone all-in on 2020 election conspiracies and backed the sham “audit”:

The gloves have come off with the candidates openly attacking each other: 

This primary is still wide open:

All of that and there’s still 11 months of this primary to go…