September 16, 2020 Press Releases

AZ Voters Sour on Trump as He Lies about Pre-Existing Conditions Protections — Again 

AZ Voters Sour on Trump as He Lies about Pre-Existing Conditions Protections — Again 

Trump Still Attacking Protections for 2.8M Arizonans

Trump’s Incessant Lies & Health Care Failures Lead To “Shifting Priorities for Voters” 

PHOENIX — Arizona voters are increasingly viewing health care coverage, pre-existing conditions protections, and public health management as a top priority, according to a new report from the Arizona Republic, after months of Donald Trump bungling his pandemic response and years of lying of about his efforts to rip away health care protections for millions of Americans.

Just last night at a roundly criticized town hall, Trump lied about his attempts to weaken the Affordable Care Act and his response to the pandemic, erroneously claiming:

  • “We’re going to be doing a healthcare plan – protecting people with preexisting conditions.”

    • FACT CHECK: Trump is in court attempting to repeal the ACA and rip away health care protections for millions of Americans. Nearly 300,000 Arizonans could lose coverage, and protections for nearly 2.8 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions are at risk.

  • “We’ve worked very hard on the pandemic. … we’ve done very, very well.”

    • FACT CHECK: Trump has failed his pandemic response every step of the way, leading to unnecessary deaths and an economic disaster of his own making.

  • “I didn’t downplay [the pandemic].”

    • FACT CHECK: Trump is on tape admitting to downplaying the pandemic.

But Arizonans who have suffered from Trump’s historic mismanagement and failed leadership know better.

“The pandemic year has reshaped voters’ priorities,” the Republic reports. “Voters described how their views on health care and governmental management of a public health crisis have changed because of the pandemic, and in some cases taken on more urgency. … Several big issues are now viewed through the additional filter of COVID-19.”

Here’s how some Arizona voters are reacting to Trump’s health care failures and missteps:

  • “Dr. Leonard Kirschner, a former director of the state Medicaid program who lives in Litchfield Park, always saw health care as a vital political issue. As an independent voter who’s currently registered as a Republican, ensuring better coverage for Arizonans has long been a priority for him. This year drove that idea home. … But now, the No. 1 issue for him is the management of the pandemic. The pandemic changed the country fundamentally and changed how Kirschner viewed the consequences of this election. He plans to vote for Biden. ‘It is very obvious to me that the current administration, the president, has mismanaged the pandemic in a dramatic way,’ he said.”

  • “Wilamina George, a 63-year-old who lives in Peoria, believes she had COVID-19 in March, when finding tests was next to impossible. … But the inability to get a test when officials were saying they were available gave her a glimpse into how what politicians say often differs from reality. The management of the pandemic, or lack thereof, has colored her views heading into November. The government should have been more prepared to manage a pandemic, she said. And her experience underscored how important access to health care is for her and so many others, she said.”

  • “Daniel Raymen lost his job at the Western Arizona Humane Society in Lake Havasu City in March due to the pandemic. He received one unemployment check shortly after, but that’s it. He’s waited to receive further unemployment insurance since then and says he’s owed about $12,000 at this point. Raymen has struggled to find anyone, at any level of government, who will help him. …  His support for Trump soured before the pandemic, specifically over his dealings with Russia and Vladimir Putin. He thinks the management of the pandemic, and the economic fallout from it, has been terrible. … ‘The pandemic should have been attacked like, big time, in the beginning instead of all these lies,’ Raymen said. He thinks the economic consequences will stay around for some time.”