November 18, 2021 Press Releases

AZ Republic: Gov. Doug Ducey’s Bogus Boast on Broadband Expansion is BS

EJ Montini: “This is why people hate politics.”
PHOENIX – Each day, Governor Ducey takes shameless political behavior to a new level.This time, he got caught trying to give himself and Arizona Republicans credit for benefits of the American Rescue Plan – a plan that he, along with Mitch McConnell and National and Arizona Republican politicians, all opposed, and which Biden and Democrats passed to help Arizona families.

Ducey may assume, or else hope, everyone forgot his party’s opposition to this bill that provided direct support to families and small businesses in response to this pandemic made worse by Ducey’s botched response, but Arizonans certainly remember.

An Op-Ed from the Arizona Republic lays out exactly why Ducey’s comments are so ironic  – and unfortunately, everything Arizonans have come to expect from this unpopular governor.

Read the full op-ed here or check out some highlights below:

  • This is why people hate politics.

  • What Ducey doesn’t say, however, is that not a single Republican in the U.S. House or Senate voted for the act, including all of Arizona’s Republicans.

  • Instead, Ducey praises Arizona’s state lawmakers – who had nothing to do with getting the grant.

  • If Ducey is as pleased as he seems to be about receiving the broadband grant it is President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats he should be thanking. Perhaps even praising, since Ducey says that the grant is actually “making it possible for all Arizonans to thrive.”

  • Thanking those responsible for the grant would be common decency. It would not be politics.