May 15, 2020 Press Releases

AZ Mayors Ask For Help. But McSally Ruled Out New Relief.

Arizona Mayors Ask For Help. But Martha McSally Ruled Out New Relief For Arizona Towns And Cities.

PHOENIX — According to a new report, Arizona mayors say that U.S. Sen. Martha McSally’s opposition to new relief funding for Arizona cities and towns “threatens critical public services in their communities.”

KJZZ reports

  • “The mayors of Flagstaff, Tolleson, Superior and Douglas say waiting for federal relief to be dispersed to states, then to smaller municipalities creates a lag time their citizens can’t afford.”

  • “Sen. Martha McSally has said she doesn’t want what she calls ‘mismanaged’ local governments to use federal money as a ‘cash cow.’ This group of mayors say McSally’s stance threatens critical public services in their communities.”

The Arizona mayors’ call for McSally to support new federal aid follows a May 9 letter that was sent to McSally and Congress by the United States Conference of Mayors — a group that represents 28 Arizona mayors — and the Major Cities Chiefs Association, which represents police chiefs, including in Phoenix and Tucson.

In the joint letter, the mayoral and chiefs groups call on Congress to pass “direct and flexible fiscal assistance for all cities across the nation,” noting that “COVID-19 is taking a heavy financial toll on city budgets in general and with local law enforcement on the front lines of our response, police department budgets in particular have been strained.”

It’s no surprise that McSally is choosing “alignment with [Mitch] McConnell” rather than siding with Arizona cities and towns that are “reeling” from the pandemic: McSally is counting on McConnell-linked outside groups to spend at least $16 million to keep her vote in the U.S. Senate.

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