August 7, 2020 Press Releases

AZ Dems Statement on Trump’s Failed Economy, Latest Unemployment Numbers 

Friday, August 7, 2020
Contact: Tyler Cherry, [email protected]

AZ Dems Statement on Trump’s Failed Economy, Latest Unemployment Numbers 

PHOENIX — Today, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the July jobs report, which revealed that 16 million Americans are still out of work and the unemployment rate remains above 10%. Despite this, Donald Trump and Republicans failed to extend and are still trying to cut enhanced unemployment insurance that hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who lost work due to the pandemic rely on to pay the bills.

In response, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Tyler Cherry released the following statement: 

“Today’s jobs report is yet another reminder that it didn’t have to be this bad. Thanks to Donald Trump and Doug Ducey’s failed pandemic response, the unemployment rate remains in the double digits and hundreds of thousands of Arizonans are still out of work. But instead of working to pass enhanced unemployment insurance and implementing a national testing strategy, Trump is hitting the links at his golf course and getting into petty Twitter fights. Five long months into a historic recession, Trump is still mismanaging the pandemic response, prioritizing relief for corporations over working families, and failing to deliver on a school reopening strategy that keeps children, teachers, and families safe. Arizonans can’t afford four more years of this chaos. We need a president who will get us back to work and help us build back better — that president is Joe Biden.”