May 18, 2020 Press Releases

AZ “Cities, Counties Push For Additional [COVID-19] Funding”

ICYMI: Arizona Cities And Counties Push For COVID-19 Relief, Despite Martha McSally’s Opposition To New Direct Support For Cities And Towns

McSally opposes providing additional direct relief, as Arizona cities and towns grapple with possible cuts to essential services, including public safety, while dealing “with plummeting tax collections and rising costs from the coronavirus outbreak.”

PHOENIX — In case you missed it, the Arizona Daily Sun’s Saturday front page highlighted Arizona cities and counties’ push for direct federal COVID-19 relief, as well as U.S. Sen. Martha McSally’s opposition to passing new direct support for cities, towns, and counties. All while Arizona local governments are facing “plummeting tax collections and rising costs” related to the pandemic.

Arizona Daily Sun: Arizona cities, counties push for additional funding from multiple sources

  • “Arizona cities and counties are pressing for more funding at both the state and federal levels as they deal with plummeting tax collections and rising costs from the coronavirus outbreak.”

  • “[M]ayors from cities around the state are also lobbying representatives in Washington to support additional funding sent directly to local governments.”

  • “This week, the mayors of Flagstaff, Douglas, Jerome, Tolleson, Tempe, Fountain Hills and Superior sent a letter to Senator Martha McSally asking her to support such funding.”

  • “‘The fact of the matter is that all of our residents are experiencing COVID-19 the same way and each city and town needs to maintain essential services such as public safety, water delivery, our wastewater programs, trash, recycling, record keeping, zoning, homeless programs and so much more,’ Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans said.”

  • “McSally is among those skeptical providing additional dollars is the right move.”

Read the full report from the Arizona Daily Sun here.

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