December 12, 2018 Press Releases

Arizona Republic: “Does the Republican Party Fear Democracy?”

PHOENIX — During an interview released today, an Arizona Republic reporter asked Arizona GOP Chairman Jonathan Lines, “Does the Republican Party fear democracy?”

That question has been on the minds of many Americans as GOP leaders have worked in recent weeks to undermine the will of voters.

North Carolina: Republican operatives are alleged to have collected hundreds of voters ballots and not submitted them to election officials in the state’s Ninth Congressional district.

Wisconsin: The GOP-controlled legislature has moved to strip the incoming Democratic Governor of several powers before the end of the year.

Michigan: Republican legislators passed a bill to limit the ability of the incoming Democratic Governor to impose protections for clean air and clean water.

Arizona: There’s widespread speculation that Sen. Jon Kyl will step down and Doug Ducey will appoint Martha McSally to the seat, despite the fact that Arizona voters already decided they don’t want her serving them in the U.S. Senate.