March 6, 2019 Media

Arizona Democrats Demand Records of AG Brnovich’s Prop 127 Investigation

PHOENIX — The Arizona Democratic Party has filed a public records request to uncover any wrongdoing in the Arizona Attorney General’s office as it worked to influence the outcome of the Proposition 127 campaign.
The AG’s office recently conducted an investigation that found 28 Arizona officials broke the law in advocating against Proposition 127. However, the office did not provide information on whether it found that Mark Brnovich or his staff also acted improperly or broke the law.
The public records request specifically asked for “all document and communications related to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office internal investigation into charges made by outside groups and the Secretary of State that the ballot language for Proposition 127 was biased, included but not limited to actions by subordinates within the office.”
The request also asked for records to explain why the AG’s office chose to fine each of those 28 officials $225 for their misconduct — a fine that many criticize for being too low.
The Attorney General came under fire in the fall because his office rewrote ballot language for Prop 127 to make it easier for opponents to attack in political advertising campaigns.
“No elected official in Arizona is above the law, and that includes the Attorney General,” said Les Braswell, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party. “Arizonans deserve to know if Mark Brnovich is still covering up for his own misconduct during the Proposition 127 campaign.”