December 5, 2019 Press Releases

Arizona Democratic Party Statement On Betsy DeVos Visit

Arizona Democratic Party Statement On Betsy DeVos Visit

PHOENIX — Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Brad Bainum issued the following statement on U.S. Education Sec. Betsy DeVos’s visit to Arizona to attend a meeting hosted by the corporate special interest group ALEC:

“With support from Arizona Republicans like Martha McSally, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has a long record of siding with corporate special interests and predatory for-profit schools, while working to undermine public educationslash funding, and sell out defrauded student borrowers.

“DeVos’ Arizona visit highlights Martha McSally’s long record of alignment with DeVos’ war on public education, which has earned McSally robust support from anti-public education special interests — including at least $66,000 from Betsy DeVos’ extended family.”

In August, the Arizona Democratic Party released a report on McSally’s anti-public education record, entitled, “The McSally-DeVos War On Public Education,” which can be accessed here.

Key points from the report:

  • McSally pledged “No legislation… to address rising [tuition] costs.” In 2012, McSally said that the rising cost of education is “not a federal government responsibility.” To underscore her position, McSally even pledged, “I would propose no legislation in order to address these rising [tuition] costs.”
    • McSally has since claimed to have flip-flopped on the issue, but she has taken no meaningful action to improve college affordability.
    • And true to her 2012 campaign promise, McSally has repeatedly voted to block measures to allow student borrowers to refinance their loans at lower interest rates — and McSally even attacked a bipartisan bill that prevented student loan interest rates from doubling.

Read the full report here.